Ballistic Separator

Ballistic Separators are used in many different types of recycling and sorting applications. They allow for the efficient sorting of commercial waste, as well as industrial and residential waste.


The features of the Ballistic Separator include:

  • Single and dual stream, commercial and office waste, MSW, post consumer plastics for flake production
  • Over 90% sorting efficiency
  • Multiple sizes allow for throughputs of 5 to 10 TPH per screen
  • No chain drive means no drive maintenance
  • Increased revenue due to reduced residue in the system
  • Reduction of labor due to fiber quality
  • Consistent sorting over the lifetime of the device
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Small items, such as glass and trash, fall through a mesh. Rigid items and rolling containers are kicked down the paddle angled cleats. Flexible and flat items are carried up. The system is designed so that the loss of smaller containers is minimal, including containers made of aluminum and PET.


Ballistic sorting process

Ballistic Separators have a range of advantages compared to disc screens. They include the ability to maintain throughput during cold conditions and being able to operate with far less cleaning. They also accrue less residue because the sorting process is remarkably more consistent.

Minimal wrapping on ballistic separator vs disc screen separator

Minimal wrapping on ballistic separator vs disc screen separator

The fact that the paddles have no rotation of their own and that they are situated at a lower angle both mean that the system is easier to work with and, more importantly, it is safer for workers. If the system is located in an area with very cold weather, the ballistic separator will continue to perform. It has a much lower angle than a disc screen, facilitating this.

Ballistic Separators facilitate efficiency in other ways, as well. There are no rubber disks that need to be replaced because of wear, which can significantly reduce costs and increase ROI, particularly over the long term. Not needing to replace those parts, or any of the others associated with other systems, means that there is no need to carry them in inventory allowing for a smaller operation and less overhead in terms of what materials need to be kept available for machinery. The design of the device also results in higher uptime, which means less lost productivity and increased revenue.

Detail of Ballistic Separator Paddles

Detail of Ballistic Separator Paddles

Utilizing this system, recycling centers can enjoy in excess of 90% efficiency in sorting items. The Ballistic Separator is modular in its design, so there are options as far as configurations and increasing the capacity of the system. The throughputs on this system can run anywhere between 5 and 10 tons per hour and it can be utilized to handle single and dual stream lines and office and commercial waste recycling.

Low Operational Height - Over 90% Sorting Efficiency

Low Operational Height – Over 90% Sorting Efficiency